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Choosing Insurance in Oregon has the added element of the independence of the western spirit. Instead of settling for a cookie-cutter insurance company, Oregonians tend to look for an independent insurance agent who can offer a wide variety of insurance options. Choosing the right broker is important. This decision must be based on mutual trust, integrity and honesty. You want an insurance agent who will develop a long term plan which best benefits your financial safety and offer you peace of mind.

What is an Independent broker aka a non-captive agent?

An Independent broker is also known as a “non-captive” agent. This means that we can represent all major insurance companies to find the best fit for your specific needs and budget. A “captive” agent is someone who works for one particular insurance company. This is the only company & plan they can offer. While this may seem advantageous when you need auto & home owners insurance by getting a multi policy /family discount, please understand that this isn’t the case for Life, Health, Disability or Long Term Care Insurance etc. There are no “online discounts” or multi-plan discounts when buying health or life insurance products. You need someone who can understand your specific place in life and devise the plan to best fit your needs & budget.

We have been helping Oregonians, just like you, obtain the right insurance for nearly two decades. The only way this is possible is to successfully understand each of our clients needs. No two clients are alike. As a matter of fact, it’s not even close. Differences in age, health, demographics, individual concerns, needs and financial tolerance makes everyone uniquely different. This is what makes this career particularly interesting. Everyone is different. Fortunately every company we represent is a little different with each having their own market niche and multiple products. This is where we come in, an independent broker can identify your needs & requests and match them with the company & products to provide the best coverage available at a price you can afford.

Nobody wants to think about the death of a loved one, the possibility of the family bread winner being unable to work, the very real thought of a nursing home or the confusing world of Medicare and yet, these things happen every day. The good news is we can build a plan where you can survive the blow of these eventual events.

It was told to me many years ago: “Insurance is only as good as the person you buy it from.” If you are putting your trust and money into a person, there had better be a mutual respect for the relationship from both parties.

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