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Sometimes life really is “outside the box.” Are you travelling? Are you outside of Open Enrollment but need some type of health coverage? How about a short term medical or just an accident plan? When life happens, we are here with you.

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Oregon Travelers Insurance

Travel Insurance, International Travel Insurance, & Trip Insurance: We now offer travel & international health plans through the global strength of Lloyds of London. Be safe when you travel, and be covered if an accident occurs.

Oregon Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance: With the current high cost of healthcare, an accident or illness could put you and your family financial jeopardy. A Short Term Medical insurance policy is comprehensive temporary medical coverage to guard against catastrophic medical bills. Whether you are between Jobs, or waiting for Employer Group Coverage to begin, waiting for “open enrollment” or No Longer Covered on a parents’ plan.

Oregon Accident Insurance

Accident Coverage: These are very simple and affordable plans to cover the expenses associated with accidents and injuries.

Critical Illness / Mini-Meds / Supplemental Health Care plans: These plans are designed to provide immediate funds to assist you at a time of medical emergency. We all know of a friend or neighbor who was diagnosed with major illness such as cancer, a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure etc & the immediate stress that this puts on the family budget. Critical Illness plans will provide an immediate payment to the insured, tax-free, to be used any way you deem necessary, such as to replace lost income and cover deductibles, co-pays or out-of-network expenses; access the best health care; or even explore experimental drugs or treatments. These plans pay a tax-free (based on current federal income tax laws) single-payment benefit of up to $500,000 directly to the policy holder, regardless of coverage by other sources. Click here for a quote or even Apply Online Now!


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