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Oregon Term Life Insurance & Whole Life Insurance

PIBAL FACT: Only 34 percent of Gen Y owns individual life insurance and 39 percent said they would buy life insurance within the next 12 months.... but are unsure howIn Oregon, our clients will typically shop for their first Term Life Insurance quotes around age of 31. These are usually first-time homebuyers or new parents. There are many reasons why you need a term life insurance policy. A 40-year-old Oregonian can buy a half-million dollars’ worth of term insurance for as little as $30 per month. As you age, your needs and risk tolerance change. We are experts at providing life insurance quotes for Oregonians who are business owners, self-employed, or who run stay-at-home businesses. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for both Term Life and Whole Life Insurance. Representing all life insurance companies, we can shop and compare life insurance policies to help you build the plan you need.

Ask yourself: "Why Now?"

Here are four reasons.

  1. You need life insurance, but aren’t buying enough of it (or any, at all).
  2. You are starved for time.
  3. Everyone wants to engage differently.
  4. Technology is offering information & rates we’ve never had before.
  • If you pass away, will your surviving spouse be able to pay your mortgage? What about basic life necessities, such as food and clothing or home and vehicle maintenance? Will your spouse have to work to provide an income and if so, what about child care and ongoing child expenses? Then there is the cost of education. If a parent dies, will the dream for college also pass? These are very real questions, which must be asked honestly.
  • Existing debts: outstanding vehicle payments, existing credit card balances. If your spouse is a business owner and they pass away, what about the existing business expenses and outstanding balances which must be paid? Even things like funeral/burial expenses.

The good news: Term Life, Mortgage Insurance, Whole Life etc!

  • Oregon Life Insurance rates have never been better! Now is the best time to protect your family’s assets and the wellbeing of your loved ones.
  • Tax Deductible Life Insurance is available, if you are a business owner with non-taxable distributions later.
  • Advantages of a "Whole Life Policy"
  • Single-Premium, Whole Life Policy:

        • Non-medical underwriting* 
        • Income-tax free death benefit 
        • Immediate access to the cash values
        • Alternative to CDs and annuities
        • Outlet for 1035 Exchange funds

  • Access to our national web research site, which lists every term insurance product (sorted from lowest to highest in price), so you too can see the best deal for sure.
  • Buy Sell Life Insurance for businesses that are owned by more than one owner, Key-Man life insurance to protect the business, personal life insurance to protect families (spouse, children & grandchildren), Estate Planning Life Insurance to protect your wealth for the next generation ... all of this can be done on a tax-deductible or tax-favorable basis.
  • Mortgage Life insurance: Designed to help protect your mortgage payment in the event of death. The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary in monthly income payments. The payments can cover the mortgage payment, or use it for regular income to help take care of other financial obligations. 

    Reasons for Mortgage Life Insurance include:

    • Death benefit designed to protect the mortgage payment.
    • A traditional policy covering the entire mortgage principal balance is too costly.
    • Supplement existing life insurance, help cover the cost of taxes and insurance on a home. 

Legacy Planning, RMD (required minimum distributions) & Estate Protection

  • A relaxed and educated approach to RMD (Required Minimum Distributions) and how to best prepare for your Legacy Planning.
  • If you have a Life Insurance policy that is over 5 years old, you may benefit from a free consultation and review. Many older policies are set up to “quit” before you do – like age 95. The newer policies not only have lower monthly premiums, but they will go on to age 121. There are many big improvements available to you. Ask us for a simple review.
  • Guarantee that your retirement savings will continue if disability strikes AND secure a source of non-taxable disability income to live on along the way to age 65! (this can even pay your business expense and overhead while you are recovering from your disability)
  • Do you need a Term Life Insurance quote, mortgage life insurance or a Permanent Life (aka Whole Life) insurance policy? For years, upon completion of their Life Insurance process, we have heard our clients give a sigh of relief and thank us for making the process simple and easy to understand. Many will say that they wished they would have done it years ago, when they were “a few years younger” to take advantage of the lower premiums that they would have had.
  • 70% of women believe Life Insurance is a "basic necessity."
  • 8 out of 10 households need basic Life Insurance.
  • 9 out of 10 households have never been offered Life Insurance by an agent.
  • Let us be your agent!

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