Accident Insurance in Oregon

Accident Plans, Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accident / Injury insurance plans are more popular than ever. Many Oregonians are shocked to learn their new ACA "Marketplace" plans have such high deductibles and maximum out of pockets. These supplemental policies are perfect to cover what your health plan doesnt. They are also popular with athletes, hikers, cyclists, snow boarders, outdoor hunting & fishing guides, contractors or those who enjoy being physical and working with their hands. Accident plans as low as $12 per month!

An accident plan can be used on its own to provide instant cash benefit for accidents and injuries sustained 24/7. Also, many people who are currently insured with a high deductible major medical health plan will obtain one of these affordable and easy-to-purchase plans to cover the cost of their high deductible!

Pibal Broker Tip: Accident insurance plans will pay the policy holder cash, which can be used to cover the high deductible of your primary health insurance plan.

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These plans are also very popular for many people who have high deductible/ major medical plans. An Accident plan is a simple policy which can cover all expenses which wouldn’t normally be covered by your high deductible health plan. Stitches, ER visits, Broken arm etc. These accident plans will pay the policy holder cash, which can be used to pay that high deductible of your primary health insurance plan.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Accidents can, and do happen.
In fact, accidents are the primary cause of death for people under 42 years old, and the fifth leading cause of death for people of any age. As of right now, 50% of Americans will hinder their families with costly debt because they were underinsured. Don't be of them.

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