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"I wanted to write a quick note of appreciation for your company. Last year when my mother became ill with Alzheimer's, my husband & I became very serious about protecting our savings. After weeks of researching Long Term Care insurance ourselves online, we finally came to the conclusion to use an actual expert who lived right here in Portland. We couldn't be happier. The service was exceptional. There were a few bumps in the road (it is insurance!) but Andrew kept us aware of everything and got the policy we wanted. THANK YOU, ANDREW!"

-Kathleen R.
Happy Valley, OR

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Oregon Health Care Reform & Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon, ORHIX, Oregon Health Insurance Exchange

Urgent Reform Notice 9-2014: CoverOregon will cease to exist as we know it for enrollment. The US Federal government has been asked to provide FFM (HealthCare.gov) services to Oregon. CoverOregon has closed for further annual enrollment period.

What Now? The next Open Enrollment Period is November 15th 2014 for Jan 1st 2015 start dates. Fortunately, Pibal Insurance Brokers is already a FFM (Federal Marketplace) agency. We will continue to help you enroll, at no additional cost for your new ACA ObamaCare plans and plans off-exchange. You may still be eligible to obtain health coverage if you have a Qualifying Life Event. Are you frustrated with long wait-times and unreturned voicemail to the agencies and carriers? Our services are free. contact us now to confirm enrollment eligibility.

Lastly, if you are needing insurance for a short, predetermined amount of time, many clients have used an affordable "Short Term Medical" policy. https://www.worldtrips.com/quotes/stm/secure/Step1a.aspx?AgentId=25329

Are you subsidy eligible?
Please use the
Subsidy Calculator
to estimate your eligibility.
Find Out!

Pibal Insurance Brokers of Oregon is excited to announce that we will be operating to assist you in subsidy calculations & "On Exchange" Enrollment for Cover Oregon. We help Individuals and Small Groups through the process. We will represent all carriers both "On Exchange" and "Off Exchange" with 3 Simple Options!

1. “I would like to discuss my options with an expert”
Perfect! We’re local. A quick phone call, to a real live human right here in Oregon and Washington. 503-287-8808
2. “I would like immediate quotes and pricing online”
Easy! Simply use our free quote tool. Want to enroll on your own too? Great! You can securely enroll directly to the carrier. And if you get hung up, just call or chat! In the Exchange or outside the Exchange. We’re right here.
3. “I would like a quick online chat to pursue my best options”
Great! Use our IM Live Chat in the lower left corner. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can happily provide answers and solutions.


A Local Independent Broker
Provides a simple overview of Oregon Insurance Reform, Obama Care Oregon & Cover Oregon.

Many new and exciting changes are now taking place in your health care. From 11-15-2014 to February 2015 we will all be entering "Open Enrollment" for your Health Insurance through “The Exchange.”

"How do I know if I qualify for ObamaCare in Oregon?”
Easy! Three simple steps:

1. Go to Healthcare.Gov and create an account.

2. Enter your subsidy questions

3. Shop for your planm WITH the help of your local trusted agent! Call us and we will provide you with an Agent ID code. It's that simple. Call today!

“Health Insurance Exchange.” The goal, to cover Oregon, all of Oregon, regardless of pre-existing conditions!

Cover Oregon now falls under controll of Healthcare.gov. It is simply a tool to help consumers locate a plan, determine subsidy (if any) and obtain a health insurance plan “Within the Exchange.”

We know it will be confusing at first and people will have questions. Fortunately, you will still be able to use a broker to assist you in enrolling in Oregon ObamaCare plans. Our services cost you nothing and the rates are the exact same. We are happy to report that yes, we will still offer insurance plans outside of The Exchange too! You're not alone, we can help. We represent all carriers both within the exchange and outside of the exchange!

What are the Costs?
Your rates and subsidies are based on estimated annual income levels with the federal governments Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Business owners concerned with potential increases are encouraged to call us for options & costs of offering a traditional group plan vs employees go onto FFM Healthcare Marketplace, Cover Oregon/ Exchange directly. We can help, call today.

Why Use a Local Broker?
We can do this with you. The rates are the same whether you wish to do all of this on your own. There is no additional cost by having a local independent broker help you locate the best plan to fit your specific needs.

Also, the consequences of getting insurance incorrectly can be costly. Very Costly to the tune of $25,000, $250,000, even incarceration. Plus, *this looks a little too tricky:


When Does This Start?
November 2014 - With the implementation of the Health Exchange "Cover Oregon" you will only be able to purchase your health insurance during "open enrollment" much like Medicare. Open Enrollment to purchase or change your insurance will be from November 15th through February 2015. Updates happen frequently, call us with questions 503-287-8808.


We're local

Call today for real information



Pibal Broker Tip: Even with Cover Oregon, you can still have your own personal broker, who will work for you to assist in your enrollment for "Cover Oregon" aka the exchange. Our services cost you nothing extra!

Why try calling some distant phone number to try to get information from a non-descript government agency or calling some far off 800 number to an out of state “agent” when you can have an advocate, right here in Oregon explaining these changes in layman’s terms.

Call today to find out about the latest developments in HealthCare Reform, Cover Oregon & The Exchange.

Find an agent to assist you. It's free


*image from American Action Forum 2014

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