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Having good dental care can lead to better overall health. Fortunately, as Oregonians we have many good choices for dental insurance providers.

Whether you simply want to add dental to an existing health insurance plan or you want to have a stand-alone dental plan all on its own, we have plenty of affordable dental options available.

Pibal Broker Tip: There are plans available for those who need next day dental benefits. Some may not even have a waiting period!

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The majority of Dental Insurance plans in Oregon have a maximum annual benefit ranging from $500 to $2500. This is the maximum amount of benefit that the carrier will cover per year. Many plans will have a graduated/tier system in which the dental plan may pay. For example: $500 the first year, $1000 the second, $1500 the third year, etc.

We encourage all of our clients to have quality dental care because poor dental health is detrimental to the entire body.

All of the plans we represent are of high quality and offer reasonable coverage per dollar value. We do not offer “dental discount” plans or other plans marketed under MLM. Affordable Family Dental Quotes!


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