Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance combines a term policy with an investment component. Each Life Insurance company will have numerous options which can be used for the investment part, such as bonds, money-markets, or stocks.

Pibal Broker Tip: A Whole Life Policy can actually build cash value, which allows you to borrow against the accumulation.

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  1. Traditional whole life policies.
  2. Universal Life Policies (aka UL).
  3. Variable Life Policies (aka VL).

Much like its Term Life counter-part, you can lock in the same monthly payment for the life of the policy.

A Whole Life Policy can benefit anyone, but they can certainly be an attractive option for those with larger incomes and assets, because the policy can be used as handy vehicle for generational wealth transfer and gifting options. Smart money suggests that people use whole life insurance for estate planning to set up an insurance trust, grand children, generational wealth transfer & Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's). These trusts can even pay their estate taxes from the proceeds of the policy. Oregonians at any age can benefit from a Whole Life Insurance policy. A Permanent Life Insurance Policy is a solid, practical tool in benefit planning.

Also, business owners can use a Whole Life policy to fund their Buy/Sell agreements. This option lets the owners or potential partners have a set value amount of Buy-in or buy-out.


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