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Employer or Business Owner Insurance – Group Health Insurance provides group plan health, disability, life insurance benefits for your employees.

Pibal Insurance Brokers represent all major carriers in Oregon. Let us locate the best rates to fit your needs. Health Insurance rates are set by law. You cannot find a better price or get an “online discount.”

Individual / Family Health Insurance - Pibal Insurance Brokers will not be operating in the Individual/Family Marketplace arena. Open Enrollment for 2017 is now over. The US Federal government regulating body CMS (Center for Medicare Services) has just announced for Plan year 2017 / 2018 Open Enrollment begins November 1st 2017 and ends December 15th 2017, for plan year January 2018. This is a tiny 6 week span over the course of the Holiday Season. Don't get caught in the confusion.

If you wish to see rates, and check for a subsidy, shop from ALL carriers and even enroll, all from one website. To begin, click the gold box (Instant Quote) above.


Pibal Broker Tip: Pibal Insurance Brokers will no longer be participating in the Individual/Family Health insurance marketplace arena.


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Have you recently moved to Oregon? Not all plans are created equal. Some people want a higher deductible for affordable premiums while others like the full comprehensive coverage.

Are you currently on COBRA? We can locate a plan to help this confusing transition period while saving Oregonians hundreds of dollars.

Have you recently lost a job or laid-off? You might find viable coverage options from a stand-alone individual family plan or use a simple yet effective Short Term Medical policy to fill this temporary need.

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